What Is The Light Club Membership And Why Should I Join?

Are you looking for support to create more magic in your life in 2022?

Then the Light Club Membership might be for you!

Inside the Light Club, conscious and heart-centered individuals come together to find support and shift into the next level of their life.

Light Club helps people find community, grow as individuals and make an impact together. We know finding people that are excited to both create success in their life and also have fun/fulfilling live can be a challenge to find in the world.

That’s why we pride ourselves on curating connections that can last a lifetime.

We also love to bridge the gap between the spiritual and the practical world. We want to help you do the inner work while also collectively co-creating the life of our dreams together.

That’s Where the Light Club Membership Comes in!

So that’s why we have launched the Light Club Membership. The Light Club membership is a community where you can find support to succeed at life and business. We have two levels of our membership, the general Light Club membership, and the Light Warrior Membership (focused around business growth).

Both of these memberships are virtual and are designed to connect you with an incredible individuals from around the world.

There is a reason why our membership is virtual; it’s because we know we can’t always be in-person but you need support in your daily life. You need support from the community on a daily basis, so that’s why we have platforms to keep you connected.

And through a virtual membership, we are able to create an incredibly diverse and multi-talented group of people from different countries and continents.

Community Calls and Coaching

Each week we have a community call that is designed to get you connected with the community and create stronger connections with each other. We gather on zoom as a community, so that we can find more inspiration from each other, learn new skills, and understand where we need support from the community.

But then we also add coaching on each call to give you the most value to move your life or your business forward.

During each call we tend to focus on some aspect of our lives where we can increase self-awareness. To be aware of our thoughts, our feelings, and our actions. We learn and understand ourselves as humans so we can have greater control over our level of fulfillment and joy in our lives.

We also have time to work in smaller groups in breakout sessions so that we can connect with each other on a deeper level.

We bring awareness through workshops, masterminds, and group travel experiences. We help you re-train your subconscious mind for success so you can step into the next level of your life.

Personal or Business development coaching is done by either Patrick Farrell or a guest speaker each week.


Accountability is ​​the willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions. If we truly want to grow into a new version of ourself and create a better world, we are going to have to start by changing our internal world first.

At Light Club we help you to push yourself forward and believe in yourself so that you can achieve your goals. Each call, we have time to break into breakout groups and set intentions for the week so you can plan out your week, and keep each other accountable.

We also have assigned accountability buddies so that you can check-in with each other throughout the week and make sure you are staying true to your intentions.

Follow Up Light Work Assignments

We want you to have the best tools and resources available to you for you to success at your career, your business, your relationships, and your LIFE!

Each week you have a short light work assignment to expand your knowledge, your awareness, or your vision.

Light work assignments also help you build discipline and accountability in your life.

In-Person Gatherings

The reason why Light Club has a virtual membership is that we understand you need support when we can’t be together in-person.

However, through this community there will be opportunities to connect in real life and members get first and discounted access to all in-person gatherings. Our goal is to plan multiple in-person meetups each year, including retreats and fun travel experiences that get you to shift out of your normal routine and change things up in your life.

Join Us Today!

We are excited to welcome you into the Light Club community. We hope that you will find both incredible friendships within the community and also support to create more magic in your life.

Find out more at www.wearelightclub.com/membership

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